From individual needs to the collective

Our services are delivered in English and French worldwide, both in-person and online.

Individual coaching

When it comes to personal development objectives, we believe one size does not fit all. From developing a coaching posture through active listening, to mobilizing teams around a vision, to harnessing the potential of a group’s diversity, we propose a duration and approach adapted to each mission.

Executive coaching assignments include availability of the coach by phone/email between sessions. We also offer flash coaching sessions for clients facing an immediate challenge, and full “Coach On-call” days for companies.

Team & organizational coaching

Do you want to enhance your team’s performance, improve autonomy, adapt to strategic changes? Our systemic approach clarifies and reinforces collective purpose and responsibilities while addressing issues of communication and interpersonal differences.

A typical engagement consists of 6 – 12 monthly sessions, with limited individual coaching in parallel. For ExComs/Boards, two coaches accompany sessions.

Facilitation & Collective intelligence

With your input, we co-design group workshops, training programs, and team building or management seminars, to strengthen collaboration and engagement, boost innovation or develop soft skills.

We also run co-development sessions where people from different parts of the organization learn to provide mutual support to overcome obstacles and identify action plans.

Positive intelligence & Talent profiles

As a member of the Positive Intelligence (PQ) coaching network, Cardinal Coaching offers mental fitness ‘bootcamps’ for teams, small groups and individuals. Positive Intelligence program information

It is also a certified provider of ‘Talents’ profiles and workshops, enabling you to better understand and leverage each person’s strengths and improve collaboration within and across teams.